Experiences in a class

To simply start sharing my experiences in our class Empowerment Technologies, I would like to tell you that I don’t have much experiences to share because some unexpected circumstances, but surely I have something on my list to share to you.

Well, first and foremost, I’ll start with our first meeting with our teacher Mr. Carolino. He is actually a cool teacher maybe because he knows where our hearts, the millenials, belongs. He just know how to communicate with us and I think that was what made him cool. Since that I am on leave, I was not able to see Mr. Carolino again until I came back to school.

When I came back to school, I was just really amazed by how Mr. Carolino is interacting with us. Even though it was just my first to time to attend his class really, I had fun with his way of teaching. I enjoyed his ice breakers before he officially starts his lessons, and I also enjoyed his all-of-a-sudden jokes.

But the real experience in this class, was me having an interview as my midterm exam. It was really nerve-racking and it seems that my heart could pop out of my chest in no time, and I thought that I could not pass the exam, but then, after the exam, I realized that it was quite bearable, although I’m not sure if I really passed the exam. Lol!

As a whole, I don’t have a lot of experiences in our class in Empowerment Technologies but one thing is for sure, it is filled with fun and excitement and I’m glad it happened!